2 Responses to Celebrating Lollywood with UJP!

  1. Blazeheat says:

    sorry to say but it was really pathetic show. the concept in the promo was to show ppl on screen that are look a like of pakistani heroes and heroines of classic era, but instead it was the same old gana bajana, dance, antaakshari, hair do, makeup, masti, larka larki dancing, ppl sitting on the floor, same dancer guys and girls who are always in the program almost daily. in short it was really a pathetic week just like the pathetic program that it is.
    please grow up, think out of the box, do something creative, i wonder what geo’s so called content and research department is doing? don’t they have any creative ideas and can’t they take any innitiative steps?

    really sad

  2. Mudassir says:

    meaning less show hai jis ka koi maqsaad nahi hai bus fuzul main middel & lower standered kay females kay dimagah kharab karnay kay liy yah program hai nothing else aur totally totally indian calture adop kia hia in 2no means (Shar Lodhi & Shaista wahdi ) kay programs nay i know music ki koi boundries nahi hoti hian but atleast ek tarf sy ap log apnay he program main utho jago pakistan ki bat kartay ho aur 2ri tarf indian calture ko promote kartay ho kindly in fuzul program ko band ho na chahiey hai

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