10 Responses to LONDON PARIS NEW YORK..

  1. Awais Raja says:

    wowwwww ali zafar!! desperately waitn for movie yayyy :D

  2. Kaleem says:

    promo is good. i hope movie will be good as other 2

  3. Mahnoor says:

    aliiiiiiii u r my heart throbbb!!!

  4. Nida Farooq says:

    i think ali zafar’s role is quite bold in this movie… kaheen yeh bhi veena malik ki terha humara sar sharam se na jhuka de :(

  5. Hira Tareen says:

    i saw the movie… isne to veena ko bhi peechey chor diya :/

  6. Ali Khan says:

    ali zafar has crossed our cultural boundries and moral valus.humare actors decent kaam q nahin kar saktey :(

  7. Ali Zafar role was very different and he is becoming a good star of Bollywood. Similarly at least bollywood saw the talent and give him good amount of movies… Which is good to know…

  8. Ali zafar is very talented actor which can perform almost every thing. like painting, acting, singing. Very versatile person and done every thing very perfectly. :good:

  9. imran says:

    when his another new movie will come after “mery brother ki dulhan” with Imran. coz their chemistry goes well

  10. It is good movie watch and specially ali zafar perform very well. :good:

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