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    interesting vision

  2. Muhammad Zeeshan Ali says:

    This is a gud vision. we like it. May God Bless All Of You. Ameen

    • Fanni says:

      Hi Jason,I can’t believe it! After deirang your blog I decided to run a contest in my blog. It’s about IM, but in spanish. I decided to do something similar to your contests, like giving tickets for twitting me, etc.Today I sent the email to my list announcing the contest and the very first comment in my blog is from a guy saying that’s spam, because you are going to get a lot of false friends just to promote your blog .What should I tell this guy? I never sent an spam email in my whole life!Anyway, luckily now the first contestants are starting to show up Alexs last blog post..

  3. wasif says:

    salam it is great vision.

  4. Annie says:

    Awesome………. :good:

  5. Iraj says:

    nice vision.

  6. Atif says:

    superb i like it …….great :good:

  7. khurram says:

    where is nadia khan….!

  8. taha says:

    this chanel is sooooooooo good :yahoo: :yahoo: but hum ise ashia set3 per kuyn nahi dakh saktay. :scratch:

  9. geo is nice chanel,,i like it.

    • Rafik says:

      Have you ever thought-concerning nldiucing extra videos to your weblog posts to maintain the readers extra entertained? I imply I just read by the entire article of yours along with it was quite good quality but since I’m extra of a visual learner,I discovered that to be more helpful properly allow me recognize how it seems! I genuinely comparable what you guys are all the time up extremely. Such clever work and reporting! Sustain the good quality works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll. It is a excellent article thanks for sharing this informative information.. I’ll go to your weblog repeatedly for a number of latest post. Anyhow, in my language, there are mostly not a lot good quality source comparable this.

  10. wajih ul hassan says:

    geo is superb……….
    i like it.

  11. Me says:

    geo is raelly a nice channel…i like it very much……..geo to aisy :)

    • Q.m.r says:

      Oho i think that geo news is the world worst channal . U will never here any happy news i can bet u that it is very boring and disghusting. It offends me very much.
      I will be in the favour of geo news if it display a speacial show at the wwe wow amazing

  12. Javeria says:

    Salam…plx tell me where i can find Sahir Lodhi Show here?? It’s Really urgent :( :(

  13. faheembnu says:

    salam to all,
    but i can say that Geo is a good channel but this is not good for our young generation.Please do not mind.

  14. muhammadsaeed says:

    asslam o :yahoo: alekum sir mari Sahir Lodi sb sa requset ha PLZ Indain songs mat lAGYA Karain

  15. muhammadsaeed says:

    Sir Sahir Lodi cell no meri Email pr send kar dain

  16. muhammadsaeed says:

    Sir AAP SA REQUEST ha FLims mehrbani kar k mat lagaya karain

    • Linda says:

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    • Marisol says:

      I really like the Fastronauts toys sebauce they seem like toys that not only teach children about energy flow, but also get them active! While the BugPlug and Power Hog do a great job of teaching energy conservation, they are relatively passive toys that are tied to electronics (and as we know, many electronics in our homes allow for passive play, with lots of sitting and staring instead of running and jumping!) I like the Fastronauts over the Rocco just sebauce I feel like the ages that might play with Fastronauts might have a better time understanding a lesson about energy than the ages that the Rocco seems to be geared for. That, and I remember as a kid running around the playground with action figures, and it was a lot of fun! If I had had some Fastronauts back in the early 90 s, I’m sure I would have generated tons of power!

  17. afshan anjum says:

    asalam o alaikum we are good friends :bye:

  18. afshan anjum says:


  19. Azeem Uddin says:

    sir, what is the procedure to particiapate in the Programme ALIF LAAM MEEM? It will be kind of you in telling me please.

  20. abdullah saeed says:

    asslam o alaikum pakistan ke sarhdo ky muhafzo ko slam

  21. AIsha hussain says:

    as salam o alikum bhai,
    I hope that your are fine by the grace of God .BHAI i like your show very much your show is going very well i want to join your show plz invite me in your show i am wait for your rply :bye:

  22. shiza says:

    gud work

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